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Texas is the server & Discord owner and hails from... well... Texas. DayZ is her favorite game, though she can also be found playing D3, Sims, Stranded Deep, and dominos (IRL) from time to time. She started the Evolution servers to build an awesome, friendly, helpful community in which to play DayZ in a non-toxic and non-lethal way. Texas will be online most days during the summer; the rest of the year, she'll be on in the evening and on weekends. She is open to communication so feel free to DM her on Discord or email her at


Daze was raised playing PC games such as D1 and D2, Claw, Twinsen's, and many others. Though she mostly enjoys world building games, she has logged many hours on Left 4 Dead (and Left 4 Dead 2; chainsaws all the way baby) and enjoys the open world aspects of DayZ. She's most often online in the evenings and weekends.

FireflyFever comes from the land of maple syrup and has over 1,000 hours in DayZ. He once camped out for a month to snipe people on his favorite PVP server! His favorite games are DayZ and STEEP/Team Fortress 2. He can be found online most days, though his availability is subject to change.



Zol could take you on a detailed tour of Venice or Florence, despite having never been there, because of how much she loves Assassin's Creed 2. She's been an avid gamer all her life and also loves Left 4 Dead (and Left 4 Dead 2), The Witcher, and many others. She's most often on in the evenings and weekends.

Thr3RedLights is a Wisconsinite trapped in the SE USA. He is an avid gamer (Xbox/PC) who enjoys Halo, Hitman, and open world action/adventure games. When not gaming, he is probably doing CAD work or 3D printing something. He is online most evenings.



Aldorean is our EU team member coming from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is fondly considered our nightshift admin. IRL, he loves to work on his fast Ford Fiesta and has been gaming since he was 6 years old on his dad's Commodore 64. Later, Diablo, WoW, and Destiny were his favorites, but DayZ eventually took the honor. He is available when the US sleeps and almost always has a laptop on hand to be of assistance.

Brianna is from Minnesota but due to the military and world travels has found herself in Virginia. She has been playing games since the days of the Atari and the C64. Her favorite games of all time include Elite, Phantasy Star 4, Final Fantasy 7, and Skyrim. Even though she is not a fan of PVP in games she joined DayZ to play with a friend. After learning the ropes and trying several servers she found Deer Isle with Evolutionary Gaming and fell in love.



8Bit hails from the land of Washington (State, not DC and no, not Seattle.) Gaming since the days of Atari and NES his favorite games include Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy 7 & 8, the Fable series, Overwatch, and Subnautica. When not gaming they can be found either playing D&D or Magic the Gathering with his friends, watching Studio Ghibli movies with his family, or out in the garage building wood furniture.

JB83 is a Lousiana native and has been playing games as long as he can remember. From the early days of Excitebike and Super Mario Bros to Diablo II, World of Warcraft, and now DayZ. He has found his home here on the Evolutionary servers because he's all about PvE and is not at all a fan of PvP. In his IRL time, he has been playing guitar for 26 years and loves to record music in his studio. He is online most nights in the early evening hours.


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