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The server panels on each server are considered to be the most accurate and up to date. We will defer to them at all times. You can access the server panels in game by clicking 'esc' or 'pause' on your keyboard.

  • How can I support Evolutionary Gaming?
    Join us! We would love to see you on the Evolutionary Gaming Discord. Additionally, we have several donation options.
  • If I donate, do I get rewards in game?
    No. Bohemia Interactive has strict fair gameplay rules against this.
  • I need help learning the game/part of the game, will you help?
    Yes! We love teaching the game. DM an admin to set up a time, or ask in the Discord for a running buddy
  • Is anyone watching over the servers?
    Yes, we have a very active admin team that actually play on our servers. We all wear pink armbands and you may approach us with questions and concerns. We will approach you if we have questions or concerns about your play, or if we just want to get to know you.
  • Somebody is calling me racial/sexist slurs. What do I do?
    Notify an admin through Discord immediately. If you can, get it on video for proof.
  • I'm having issues with another player on the server. What do I do?
    Notify an admin through Discord. We will discuss the situation with you and the other player and decide on an appropriate course of action.
  • How long have the servers been open?
    Chernarus opened on April 24, 2021. Livonia soon followed on November 30, 2021, and Deer Isle was added March 16, 2022.
  • What are the rules for Evolutionary Gaming servers?
    A detailed breakdown of our rules can be found in our Discord, and also on our website.
  • What happens if I break the rules? Asking for a friend.
    We will speak to your friend about the infraction. We like to give the benefit of the doubt, and we don’t like to ban, but we will do so quickly if need be. If your friend is banned, it will be from all servers, and Discord. If your friend breaks rules and realizes their mistake, it would be best to report this to an admin and have a conversation.
  • Can I shoot my friends if we all agree to PVP? What if they’re sick and want to respawn?
    No, not on any Evolutionary Gaming servers for any reason. If a player is sick and wants to respawn, they should F11.
  • I recommended your server to my friend. They just logged on. Will you teleport them to me?
    No. Meeting up with other players is part of the game. You can use the iZurvive map or in-game map to assist you in locating your friend.
  • I suggested a mod and it didn’t get put on. Why?
    When mods are suggested to us, the admin team researches the mod to see if it is stable and a good fit for our survivors. Sometimes, it’s not. Sometimes it is, but we don’t put it on until the next wipe. Rarely, it gets put on right away.
  • I know of a base but haven't seen the people in a while, can I have their stuff/move into the base?
    No. If they don’t come back, it will despawn. Folks have different play schedules, just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t playing.
  • Is the server down?
    If you are having trouble, first check the #status channel. If there is nothing there, make a post in #help or #dayz-chatter and wait patiently.
  • It says there is a mod update. What do I do?
    If it says “Client needs to update,” go to Steam and update your mods. If it says “Server needs to update,” check #status. You may also post in #DayZ-Chatter to let the admin team know if you think they’re not already aware. We update our mods as quickly as possible.
  • Somebody shot me/stole my stuff. What do I do?
    Do NOT shoot back. Notify an admin through Discord immediately. We will need details, including map, location, and time. Video clips are very helpful.
  • I just died. Will you teleport me to my body or go save my inventory?
    No. Dying is part of the game, as is losing your gear. Don’t fall victim to gear fear!
  • I am stuck in a weird spot I glitched to/I’m stuck in a wall and can’t move/I fell through rocks/I fell through a building/etc. Will you help me?
    Yes, if we are available. You should first try relogging, as that can often solve your problem. If you have tried to get yourself out and cannot, let us know in Discord. You may have to log out until a time when we are available to help.
  • How do I get a car?
    On some servers, cars spawn naturally. If they are unclaimed, you can repair and claim a car. On other servers, cars are only sold at the traders and will not spawn on the map.
  • My car won’t go up a hill/flies/runs into things, is it broken?
    Cars and DayZ have an interesting relationship full of surprises and are known to be unstable. Different cars have different horsepower and quirks. Proceed with caution.
  • What is the meaning of the yellow light on my car instrument panel?
    Your car has taken damage. You might be able to fix it with a pipe wrench. You should also look at the components of your car to see if you need a new radiator, battery, etc.
  • Do I need a full NBC suit in the toxic zones?
    Yes! You will need a full suit, including boots, jacket, pants, gloves, hood, gas mask, and filters depending on the type of gas mask you have. Missing any of these pieces means you will get sick, injured, and possibly die in the toxic zone.
  • Can I kill a bear with a .22?
    Not before it kills you.
  • What are the kitchen timers for?
    Supposedly, they can be used to attract zombies. They also just look cute, honestly.
  • Somebody locked up my base and it wasn’t me. I can’t get in/out. What do I do?
    It was likely locked up by an admin because there is an issue with your base. We would rather lock it up and have a discussion than delete your items. Contact an admin for help.
  • How do I name my character on DayZ servers?
    Tutorials are available on our blog!
  • How do I make a ‘’custom” character that I will get each time I respawn?
    You cannot change a character currently in the game and must instead die first and do the following before you respawn. On the official launcher load screen, click “Customize Character” and follow the instructions to create the character of your choice. On the DZSA launcher click “Load” instead of “Join” to create a character.
  • My character is throwing up/groaning/sneezing/is sick. What does this mean? What do I do?
    Sickness in DayZ is a big part of the game. Check our Discord for suggestions and guides.
  • What is your return policy?
    All sales are final. We do not offer returns or exchanges, as per our fulfillment service. If you do not receive your product, or your product is defective due to production, please notify us immediately. Any issues must be reported within 4 weeks of receiving the product.
  • Evolutionary Gaming servers are strictly PVE only.
    Evolution servers are designed for people to learn game mechanics and the map. This is not the place to learn or practice PVP. Do not set land mines, bear traps, shoot, or harm other players in any way.
  • You must be 17 or over to play on any Evolutionary Gaming server.
    DayZ is rated 17 or over, as are our servers.
  • Where can I build my base?
    Check the Server Panel by pressing Pause or Esc for information on the respective server you're on. We have rules about basing too closer to traders, military bases, POIs--which includes landmarks, hunting compounds, medical buildings, underground areas, power plant, or other areas that are highly looted or explored--and major roads and cities. If your base causes lag, you will be asked to move or downsize. Illegally placed bases will be deleted and will NOT be replaced. If you are in doubt, please DM the admin team—we’re happy to do a base check with you.
  • Base raiding/stealing is not tolerated.
    You are welcome to a player’s base only when and if invited. Ask nicely for what you need; support is freely given on all Evolution servers. If you find a tent, barrel, car, or other with items in it, leave them alone. If you find one you think is abandoned, ask about it in the Discord. The Bambi Base is an exception. You may take only what you need from there but leave something of yours for others.
  • Limit your stash & do not hoard.
    There is no need to stash everything you find. You may maintain a reasonable stash of needed items, but many tents, barrels, crates, and sea chests full to overflowing will break the loot economy and cause lag. Maintain a stash relevant to the immediate needs of yourself and the group. Do not keep unnecessary duplicates of items. Admin will delete excessive stashes.
  • Limit your cars.
    Check the in-game server panel by hitting 'pause' or 'esc' on your keyboard for our most up to date rules. Servers can only handle so many vehicles. On all servers, your car MUST be covered with a car cover. If left uncovered, you car will depsawn after 7 days of no activity. If left covered, your car will despawn after 10 days of no activity. It is best to cover your car at restart. Despawned cars and the items inside will not be replaced.
  • Name your character.
    This is a strict requirement on any Evolution server. If you are named Survivor, you will be approached by admin and asked to name your character. Instructions are provided on our website. If you have questions, ask in the Discord.
  • Be a good person.
    Offensive, racist, pornographic, harassing names, slurs, name-calling, or intimidation tactics will absolutely not be tolerated. Evolutionary Gaming teaches that DayZ does not have to be a toxic game. Arguing this rule or debating what makes a name or behavior offensive or toxic will not be tolerated. Profane language should be kept to a minimum, and never directed at another player. This includes all interactions in global and private in-game chat.
  • Admin decisions are final and at our discretion.
    Arguing about a decision will not be tolerated. If you wish to politely appeal an admin decision or get clarification, submit a ticket on Discord.
  • Do not annoy Texas.
    This is her house and her rules. Be kind or be gone.
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