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Common DayZ Terms

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Have you ever tried to integrate yourself in a gaming community with well established lingo? Perhaps it's a game where people tend to be loud about their well established lingo, likely due to the Zeds chasing you? If so, I have the information for you!

  • Bambi

    • Completely new DayZ player

  • Newbie​

    • New spawn to a particular server​​​

  • Spawn point

    • Areas on the coast where newbies spawn, can be seen on the iZurvive map

  • PVE

    • Player vs Environment ​

  • PVP

    • Player vs Player​

    • Strictly not allowed on Evolution for any reason, including revenge

  • Relogging

    • Logging out of the game, and logging back in​

    • Done to reset bugged issues, including the sound bug

  • Bugged​

    • Several known common issues that can often be solved by jumping, F5, relogging, or punching a wall. Common bugs include: ​​

      • Hand bug--players will show that you have something in your hands that you don't, such as a gun you recently put in your inventory​

      • Inventory bug--you're unable to take things in and out of your inventory, likely because you have the hand bug and don't realize you have something in your hands

      • Sound bug--sound from the game disappears, can usually only be solved by relogging

  • Emotes, including emote wheel

    • Commonly referred to as F5, F11, etc.

    • Emote wheel can be accessed by pressing and holding .

  • F11/Suicide​​​​

    • Killing onself via F11, or such as jumping off a building, or running into Zeds and not defending yourself​​​

    • Can be done for a variety of reasons, such as getting a better spawn location, or a desired character

  • Load out, or kit

    • Clothes, guns, your general outfit​

  • Cattle call

    • Unique Evolutionary Gaming term​

    • Standing on top of a building, such a shed, and firing a loud gun to bring Zeds to you (like a milkshake); then staying on the building and shooting the Zeds from the roof

  • Taco stand, aka kiosks

    • Unique Evolutionary Gaming term used to refer to kiosks​

  • Building call outs/names

    • Each building has a unique name; this will be important to learn particularly for other servers, where identifying which building you're in is invaluable​

    • All building call outs can be found here

  • Base

    • On Evolutionary servers, a base can refer to a home, walled fortress, a tent, a barrel in the woods, a claimed car, buried loot, etc. ​

    • If it's not yours, it's not yours

  • Screenshot/F12

    • To take screenshots in game, press F12​

  • Removing HUD

    • Quick press ` to remove your HUD​

    • Long press ` to remove your character stats

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