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So you want to join the team? Great! We would love to hear more about you. Evolutionary Gaming is a growing community that values education, fun, and community above all else. We pride ourselves on our friendly environment since our founding, and look forward to continuing this tradition with you. 

We are not currently looking for mods, but would love see your application and consider you in the future. 

Evolutionary Gaming Volunteer Moderator Duties


What is the purpose of this role?

At Evolutionary Gaming, education is our main goal. As the server grows, we need dedicated moderators on the DayZ servers and in the Discord to uphold our standards of education, fun, and community. As a part of this role, you will be available to the community to support and educate in the Discord and on the game servers.


What will I spend my time doing in this role?

  • ​Be active on all Evolution servers and on Discord. 

  • Assist with brainstorming and hosting community events. 

  • Attend admin/mod meetings. 

  • Be you! 

  • You will be assigned a primary Evolution server/map and will be the first point of contact. 

  • Handle minor conflict in collaboration with the admin team.

  • Deal with major conflict only in partnership with the admin team.

  • Discuss major issues/decisions with the admin/mod team and present a united front.

  • You are encouraged to meet new players as your schedule allows. 

  • On all servers, you are always encouraged to interact with players.

  • Be active in the Discord by engaging, supporting, and educating players.

  • You will be assisting Evolutionary Gaming in building and maintaining a positive and friendly gaming community.

In a nutshell, you will perform general duties, provide player and server support, handle conflict, interact with new players, and be active on Discord.


What should I bring to the team?

  • Experience playing DayZ.

  • Experience using Discord.

  • A deep understanding of our core policies of education, fun, and community, including that we are strictly a PVE only community.

  • Experience communicating with gamers of all walks of life, backgrounds, and nationalities.

What do I get out of this?

  • Respect from the community, and our undying love and appreciation!

  • No but seriously, this is a volunteer gig that you will be doing in your own time because you love the community and the Evolutionary Gaming message. Real life always comes first!

Still interested?

This is a Microsoft Forms link. Sometimes it's stupid and doesn't load. Please refresh as needed.

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