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So you want to join the team? Great! We would love to hear more about you. Evolutionary Gaming is a growing community that values education, fun, and community above all else. We pride ourselves on our friendly environment since our founding, and look forward to continuing this tradition with you. 

We want to bring Bambi Base back on Deer Isle and make it a community project. The General Contractor will work closely with the mod team by supplying a list of needed materials, building Bambi Base, and being a resource for others in Discord and in game in regards to Bambi Base. 

Evolutionary Gaming Volunteer General Contractor Duties


What is the purpose of this role?

At Evolutionary Gaming, education is our main goal. We enjoy providing Bambi Base on the servers, but as most players on Deer Isle are more advanced, the need is different. We’re looking for a player to serve as a volunteer General Contractor and take on management of Bambi Base on DI while upholding our standards of education, fun, and community.


What will I spend my time doing in this role?

  • Create Bambi Base

    • DI Bambi Base is located on Groot’s Hill. Plan the base layout and ask for building supplies from the mod team.

    • Build Bambi Base and stock it with low-tier, new spawn appropriate food and items. Ask mods for assistance as needed. 

  • Maintain Bambi Base

    • Check on Bambi Base when you’re available to play. Make sure the base is still secure and rebuild if necessary. You do not have to maintain the stock of supplies, but feel free to let the mod team know if it’s running low. 

  • Be a resource in Discord

    • Answer player questions and manage player donations.

  • As needed

    • Communicate with the mod team about needs, concerns, or issues. 

    • You will be assisting Evolutionary Gaming in building and maintaining a positive and friendly gaming community.

In a nutshell, you will maintain all aspects of Bambi Base (except for re-stock) on Deer Isle with support from the mod team.


What should I bring to the team?

  • Experience playing DayZ.

  • Experience using Discord.

  • A deep understanding of our core policies of education, fun, and community, including that we are strictly a PVE only community.

  • Experience communicating with gamers of all walks of life, backgrounds, and nationalities.

What do I get out of this?

  • Respect from the community, and our undying love and appreciation!

  • No but seriously, this is a volunteer gig that you will be doing in your own time because you love the community and the Evolutionary Gaming message. Real life always comes first!

Still interested?

This is a Microsoft Forms link. Sometimes it's stupid and doesn't load. Please refresh as needed.

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