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A Note from Texas

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

After six months on the server, we have some thoughts we would like to share with you.

Never make the mistake of thinking that your way is the only way to play DayZ. As Evolution approaches it’s six monthaversary, I find myself reflecting on the things I have seen.

We have a player who doesn’t think of the game as a zombie game or a survival game, but rather a hunting game. If you ever find a stack of raw steaks somewhere that you didn’t put them, you’ve been visited by the hunter.

We have a player who would rather build than do anything else. This player likes to push the limits of what can be done as far as building in DayZ and is continuing to improve on a very charming homestead.

We have a player who will be very friendly and helpful whenever you meet randomly on the map – so long as you stay away from this player’s base. Arriving unexpected at the base you will find yourself greeted with a shotgun and a curt tone. You won’t get shot, of course, but if frowns and disapproving glares could kill, you’d be dead faster anyway.

There is a player whom you will never meet, yet was one of the early ones on the server and plays regularly. This player likes to play alone and is very adept at avoiding folks. Don’t be a tool and go looking, let the hermit be.

We have had long-time DayZ folks use this server to train newbies. We have had bambies with only a few hours in the game, and “newbies” that haven’t played in so long that they need to learn again. We have had folks that love the game, but are simply tired of PVP, cheaters, and the toxicity that surrounds DayZ. We have had folks come, learn, and leave. We have had folks that have made Evolution home.

So, you ask – what about you, Texas? Well, my way is not the only way, but it is a profoundly amazing way. I have hunted with the hunter and built with the builder. I have been invited into the private base and given a spot of my own there. I have met the reclusive one, and that was a job, even using all my “magic powers.” I have given my blessing to those who are training others, and I have run with bambies. I have made great, sweet friends here. I watch a few bases to keep the flag raised in honor of some who can’t be here right now – a spouse fighting cancer, covid in the home, computer troubles and unexpected travels – all these absent players have a place in my heart.

I remember back in the day when it was just me, Daze and Zol running from one end of the map to the other healing Daze’s broken legs, never really thinking that others would want to join our playground. Then along came Fever who has become a dear friend; like family really. He was followed by a few more, and a few more turned into an avalanche! I found myself expanding from a 10-slot server to a 20-slot server. Even with 20 slots I have been waiting in queue a few times recently.

Thanks to all of you who continue to help Evolution grow into the friendliest, least toxic, most entertaining server around. Watch with me, please, to see what the next six months brings. I have a few ideas…..



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