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More on Namalsk and CabinZ

Namalsk is a unique and very cold map featuring particular gameplay including frostbite, EVR storms, and secret locations. Even more selective to Evolutionary Gaming is the CabinZ mod we've chosen to use on our Namalsk server. Here is a little more information about how it all works.

How does frostbite work?

Frostbite is unique to Namalsk and adds a whole new layer of survival. Wearing wet clothes for too long will cause frostbite. If you see your clothing/equipment with a blue square around it, it means the item is wet and needs to be dried. Otherwise you risk getting full frostbite at that location. If you wait too long to dry off, the blue squares will turn white. When an equipment spot is white, it means you have frostbite. Each square of frostbite will reduce your maximum total health by 10% PERMANENTLY to a maximum of 30%. This is PERMANENT.

Can I cure frostbite?

No. The only way to remove frostbite is death.

What parts of my body can develop frostbite?

Face, hands, feet, head, body, and legs.

What is the snowflake/shield symbol for?

There is a special soft skill that is unique to Namalsk. This meter will slowly climb the longer your life lasts. This means that you are gathering a small amount of immunity to the cold and don’t have to warm up/dry off as much.

What is with these weird storms?

EVR storms are part of the charm of this lovely Island retreat. When the storm gets bad (trust me, you’ll know when it gets bad) it might be a good idea to seek cover.

How does CabinZ work?

CabinZ is a mod that allows you to build a full-sized cabin, complete with a fireplace. It takes a bit of work to collect all the required building supplies, but nobody said living on an arctic island would be easy…right? To make a kit, simply combine ten planks with a hammer.

Why did my CabinZ despawn when I placed it?

You need to have ALL the supplies attached to the structure before you place the hologram. If even one item is missing, the cabin will not place and will delete itself. This is not our mod, and we cannot fix that bug, so please make sure you have all the building supplies before you place it.

As you play and come across questions, we're always happy to see you on our Discord server! Stay warm and safe out there, folks.

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